Jozi is filled with restaurants inspired by old charm and modern hospitality. The best venues are always rated by the surroundings and the atmosphere whilst dining. A visit over the weekend at Two Trees won’t let you down in that the outdoor venue provides a tranquil environment filled with the chatter of birds and the laughter of children at play. Our week days provide an environment where business lunches can be held in the beautiful South African sun.

At Two Trees we pride ourselves in serving homemade heart inspired foods served from our quaint little farm house kitchen and wood fired pizza ovens. The smell of fresh bread never fails to get those taste buds going along with the fresh aroma of freshly brewed coffee. South Africans today lead frazzled lifestyles and Two Trees B will take the pressure off, if just for a while, whilst you kick back and enjoy a breakfast or lunch prepared whilst sitting under the beautiful Blue Gum Trees.